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Suvik offers IT and software consultancy, development and professional services to help customers in all the cycles of software development from Requirements Gathering to Design to Coding and Testing and finally in Implementation.

Our IT services can ensure smooth business workflow and security, a team of highly trained professionals helps clients reach their full business potential by taking care of their IT environment and by providing the needed professional consultations.

We offer a fully functional IT support Desk manned by seasoned IT specialists who are there to ensure that any questions you may have or problems you may encounter are dealt with efficiently and promptly. Our well tested helpdesk process ensures that any support calls you make are logged, tracked, and responded to quickly.

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    We provide blockchain solutions in different forms, be it public or private, permissioned or permissionless. We architect the solutions in a way that your existing applications can be integrated into blockchain without much disruptions. We have a rich talent pool in Blockchain and our experts have industry experience.

    We provide solutions in Xinfin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Quorum & Hyperledger Eco System.We are constantly innovating in this space, hence the outcome of this resulting decentralized oracle service platform called - Plugin.

    We help organizations in setting up “Decentralized Applications” in NFT, De-Fi, ICO, Oracle Service & Enterprise grade applications.

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    Data Analytics

    We understood, “Data” is our next fuel in the industry and we are constantly improving our data analytics capability. Our “Analytics” team have decades of industry experience in analyzing the data from various industries such as Logistics, Healthcare, e-Commerce & Finance.

    We are strong in setting up the data lake and building the data pipeline to provide business insights to the leaders.

    We provide solutions in Machine Learning & Deep Learning using “Python”. Our experts are certified in Machine learning & Cloud computing.

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    Application Development

    We believe in cost effective solutions, yes at Suvik we always recommend best-in class solutions for our customers. We recommend and offer solutions using open source platforms mostly and would also prefer to provide solutions using licensing products based on client requirements.

    We have solid background in application development and our core team has rich knowledge in Microsoft products such as .Net, C# and Open source distributions as well.

    We have expertise in - Node, Python, Golang, Flutter, React-Native, React, Docker, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum & Hadoop.

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    Internet Of Things

    We have no doubt that devices are getting accumulated day by day and we have a pool of programmers who are really good at creating IOT Solutions using the latest tech.

    We have strong collaborations with the IOT community and strive hard to build different use cases. Our experts are capable of manufacturing the boards if necessary and also suggest best and affordable units to our customers.

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    Software Research

    We have our own R&D Lab and our experts keep our business effective in this competitive world through their effective research and detailed insights into the market, which helps us to build new services / products or improve our existing services to our customers.

    Suvik spends huge investment in this space, as we know continuous improvement is blood for any organization and we are no exceptions.

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    Quality Resourcing

    We at Suvik, understand our client better and the talent we deploy is at supreme end.We never compromise on quality expectations and we standby that right from the beginning. Let's connect and discuss your requirements

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    Coding and Development

    Setting up offshore development centers for companies who wish to establish centers of excellence for their products.