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    Vinod Khurana has extensive experience and expertise of over 40 years in Banking, Finance & Management Audit, Legal, Business Management, State of the Art Technology used in High-caliber Machines (Aircrafts), Marine and Non-Marine Insurance, Public Relations, Life Insurance, Office Administration, Deposit Mobilization, Fund Raising from National and International Capital Market, Equity Market, Credit Analysis, Credit Dispensation, Internal Risk Focus Audit and Community Services.

    He has traveled extensively to various countries including United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates so as to gather rich professional experience.

    Currently based in Dubai, he has gained significant expertise in development of strategy, execution and positioning business for growth. He is a passionate entrepreneur; a fundraiser for organizations seeking to meet their short and long-term financial goals. He is highly experienced, techno-savvy and result oriented with the ability to build, manage & turnaround diversified businesses; has extensive exposure to risk management, business strategy and crises management.

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    Sudershan Khurana brings to the company 37 years of experience in Teaching, Social and Community Services. She has been serving humanity for over 25 years now. She has extensively traveled all over India, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, France and United Arab Emirates. She has extensively studied the human psychology.

    She has helped individuals to stay on the path to self development and helped them realize their true potential and achieve their heartfelt goals. Her goals very much signify the soul of our organization which is to serve human beings all over the world without any discrimination on cast, creed, culture and religion.

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    Poojali Bhatia brings to the company her immense knowledge and experience in the software industry. She has done her Masters in Computer Application from Shimla, India. She has joined the company with the aim of providing quality and professional software services.

    Having been raised in a family which comes from the Banking background, she was always ingrained with the qualities of managing finances and providing leadership and management.

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